About Tom's Incredible Ice Cream

If you're in the mood for desserts, Tom's Incredible Ice Cream is the go-to ice cream shop in Scottsdale, AZ, to satisfy your cravings. Our mission has always been to provide delicious desserts, a great atmosphere, and excellent customer service. Tom's Incredible Ice Cream offers the original Hersheys premium ice cream that is not found anywhere else in Maricopa County. We also offer a birthday club with specialty cakes and shakes, homemade waffle cones, and a wide variety of flavors of ice cream and soft serve, as well as delicious vegan ice cream flavors. We also do catering services that will take your guest's experience to the next level! Tom's Incredible Ice Cream gives back to Banner Desert Childrens Hospital. We're the perfect place to enjoy a memorable dessert with your family or friends. Visit us today!